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Bereaved Grandparents

Online Support & Educational Groups

One of Dana's Bereaved Grandparents groups may be for you if you've lost a grandbaby or grandchild and you feel as though you have been launched onto a path of which you never, ever anticipated--leading you and your family to a "new normal." 

Your life-journey has suddenly become more complex. You are experiencing the mix of emotions that accompanies the loss of someone so young, and may be grieving along side your child who has lost their own; or you may be excluded altogether. Witnessing your adult child's grief is a painful addition to yours. You may be burdened by concern and for your child's mental health and future, while supporting and caring for them and/or other grandchildren, or at least trying to. The dysfunction in your family may have become amplified, and you might very well feel as though you are at your wits end with a multitude of thoughts, feelings, and questions--in need of your own support and education about navigating this "new normal."

More About This Group:

  • These groups will be small and limited to  6-12 members each.

  • These groups meet online 1 time per week for 2 hours.

  • Days and times are based on the needs and locations of the members in each group.

  • Each member needs access to the internet and a device with a functioning camera and microphone.

  • Each member must be in a private, quiet space for the duration of the group.

  • Dana currently uses the Zoom platform and will familiarize members with how to use it as needed.

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Dana offers a 60 minute complementary consultation to anyone who is considering
hiring her, for individual or group sessions.

  • $24 per group session (per week).

  • $72 per month (1 week free).

2 Payment Options


Dana adheres to a strict confidentiality protocol.  She will not reveal to anyone that you, your family, or your business/organization contacted her, or are her client; nor will she disclose any information obtained during the course of your coaching relationship without your express permission to do so--with some exceptions which Dana will discuss with you during your initial consultation.   Your time and space with Dana (in-person, virtually online, phone, email, text) is considered sacred, and she has the utmost respect for your privacy.

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