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Coaching & Support

Mindset Coaching

Sometimes we really don't know what

we're thinking until someone helps us uncover it.

Your mindset colors every aspect of your life. The false-narratives that you’ve internalized have a powerful impact on your sense of self and confidence.  They may have convinced you that you are too “this or that,” or perhaps not enough of something else, or even incapable of ever accomplishing something of which you dream.


By the time you set out into the world, on your own, your brain has been encoded with information, thoughts, and belief systems via family, peers, church, school, media, and a multitude of life-experiences. The way you feel and think about yourself is heavily influenced by these external sources.  So much so, that negative thoughts are rarely recognized as anything other than truth, if they are recognized at all. The same can be said for positive thoughts, of course.  Yet, personal growth and success are most often stunted by your internalized, negative belief system until you become conscious of the false-narratives that play in your mind daily, then take steps to override them with your personal truth. Dana refers to this as Mindset Shifting. There’s help for that here.

As your Individual Mindset Coach, Dana uses her training, education, and intuition to help you uncover the negative stuff you say to yourself and interrupt the cycle.  Dana will support you as you repattern your brain narratives. More simply put, Dana helps and supports you as you change your mind about yourself and your life, and offers you the opportunity to collaborate with her as you plan out the life you want and set out to live it—fully.  

"Dana helped me realize that my life was lacking meaning. I needed a purpose. She asked important questions, and assigned tasks that are unique to me and my life experience. She also made me accountable to MYSELF. I am glad to spend my time and money on Life Coaching rather than continue to throw it away. This has made profound changes in my life."

Self Discovery & Personal Growth

Meeting your truest self provides emotional, spiritual, and mental nourishment for your personal growth.

Who we TRULY are often lies below the surface of who we think we are.  Often, when we struggle to find a mate, college major,  career, or life purpose, it is because our self view is mucked up by a foggy lens.  We can't see clearly.  We may not have never been given explorative opportunities, or taken advantage of those we've had. We may have focused on fitting in with a particular peer group or culture, and concerned ourselves more with others' likes and dislikes than our own.  Or we may have lived years, decades even, caring for others in our family, casting aside our own personal desires, and burying them under an identity that doesn't totally fit us anymore. It's possible, too, that challenging and painful life experiences have clouded your sense of self and inhibited your ability to dream about having a positive, productive life, let alone achieve one.

There's help for that here.

Life Transitions

Talk about mixed emotions!

Life is full of transitions starting with our births. 

As we fast forward to adulthood, we continue to experience what seems like one change after another--graduations, jobs, college, graduate school, careers, relationships, marriages, divorces, parenthood, empty nest, retirement,

and so on.  And we  are challenged with handling them independently, from those who raised us.  Many of these transitions are met with excitement, motivation, and hope, while at the same time strumming up sadness, confusion, and fear.  These multifaceted emotional/mental experiences,

are natural.  Yet, few of us are prepared tomove through them on our own.  Many of us feel ill-equipped as we set out to navigate another leg of our journey and, frankly we are afraid to fail and/or fall apart--emotionally.

There's help for that here.

"My divorce was supposed to set me free from an intolerable situation. But it caused a lot of problems with my relationships with my kids. Family counseling helped a lot, but I had trouble shaking the guilt.  Dana's Personal Growth Coaching was recommended. I could tell from our first meeting that she understood my ‘faulty belief systems.’ She has helped me so much. Forgiveness has been a big part of the work I’ve done with Dana. I am changed for the better, forever." 

"I have a chronic illness.  Oops,

no I don’t. I am experiencing a chronic illness but I don’t own it or define myself by it. Dana taught me that this illness does not define me. It is not all of who I am. It has been challenging and enjoyable to discover my ‘true essence’ underneath this medical stuff. I am uncovering more and more every day."

Medical & Health

Many of us are dealing with medical and health issues that are overwhelming--often leaving us feeling powerless and confused.  We often mistake our diagnosis for who we are, rather than what it is--a disease, condition, or injury.  Our self perception becomes dimmer overtime, and very often, we lose sight of our sense of purpose.  Knowing what questions to ask, getting them answered,

and advocating for ourselves within the

medical system often seems like a daunting

task while experiencing chronic or recent

diagnosis. Getting support while you clarify your questions and needs can make all the difference in navigating treatment, and discovering who you are underneath they symptoms and labels.
There's help for that here.

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